I'm the office manager of a small law firm.

The doctor made his patient relax before the operation.

Many thanks for your effort!

I think you're being a bit over-dramatic.

Someone will close the window.


Killer whales are beautiful but dangerous.

They are living it up in Honolulu.

He didn't respond to my question.


Dr. Hawking has written books such as A Brief History of Time.

How dare you say such a thing to me!

The dog had the liberty of the entire house.


She gave birth to her first child at twenty years old.

I used to be young and ambitious, just like you.

Believe what you want.


Will the fare change if I change the reservation?

I little imagined that she would come.

Jeffie especially likes going to Italian restaurants.


Prepositions generally cause problems for foreign language students.

Crap, I spent too much money.

Her explanation of the problem made no sense.

It wouldn't hurt to tell Stewart.

No matter how hard Allen tried, he couldn't impress Will.

I wanted to be with her all the time.

Do you go to school on Saturday?

It's Monday today and it will be Tuesday tomorrow.

He had taken care of himself.

I didn't know exactly what the problem was.

Let the kids off the bus first!

We can beat her!

Don't expect me to believe such a tall story.

They're 30 minutes behind schedule.

Please let me talk to Tommy.


I still don't have an answer.


I anticipated a quiet vacation in the mountains.


Brandy was fatally injured.

May you enjoy good health.

That makes me very happy.

Two men were fighting on the street.

Donne isn't very efficient.

That house was built by my cousin.

There's a book on my desk.

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Gretchen put the frying pan on the stove.

I hope you don't do that around Saumya.

May I have your attention?

No wonder the retirement years are often referred to as the golden years.

Well you can indicate everything you see.

My mother never gets up early.

Do you really want to go to Boston again?

Don't talk about it in my mother's presence.

He put the blue folder down on the table.

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Louie's house has three bedrooms.


I know that this is the beginning of the end.

Toft wants to be the center of attention.

The stories in the Bible might be seen as interesting legends by Asians, but they are taken very seriously in the West.


Don't worry. David won't let us down.

I didn't eat all the fries because they were too oily.

Do be careful.

I'll never work for Vicki no matter how much he promises to pay me.

Well, I am going to the cinema.


Thad offered Mason a glass of champagne.

It's hard to tell whether Gretchen is laughing or crying.

The weather is bound to get better tomorrow.


I would have told you before, but I didn't think you'd understand.

I can't get used to it.

It's part of the system.

You never told us why you left Boston.

He longs for the fellowship of the rich.


I never dreamed that there would be a typhoon.


Max let the cat out.

Michael Jackson was the most famous singer in the United States.

Esperanto is a truly regular and easy language.

He enlisted in the Foreign Legion.

He tends to do everything to excess.

Mott got all his affairs in order, to make it easier for Hamilton after his death.

Why did they dislike her?

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She was tricked up in jewels.

I ate some potato chips.

I'm freezing.


Join me!

I'd prefer to die rather than see you crying.

Is there something else?

Now off with you to school!

I'd like an opportunity to explain my reasons.


Part carved his own smoking pipe.

I'm very busy with the examination just before me.

The United States faced a Bubonic plague epidemic at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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That was foolish.

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I knew I should've studied French.

Why are you hiding from us?

Bernie and Dominick are having an argument.

In the Dutch city of Maastricht there must be 53 churches; at times, some of them are used as stores, bars or museums.

He knows no English.

Yesterday I purchased an ergonomic chair.

It's late, so turn off the TV.

When does she play tennis?

I must find a way to help them.

Who drew it?

I remember reading the book.

You should have seen it.

Charles won't know.

Will you go with her?

Appearance isn't all.


When will Liisa's party come off?


She gained her end.

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They hate you.


We can't do this here.

I finally understand the basic principles of calculus.

Farmers are always at the mercy of the weather.

Did you really talk to Yvonne about this?

He made good use of the money.


She submitted her resignation.


It's not pretty.


We have to admit that our team is inferior to the American one.

Even though America is a developed country, it still has some very poor people.

The girl is deeply attached to her aunt.

I have no idea of what I want to become.

The fruits are dried in the sun.

I really enjoyed myself.

You explained the lesson.

It'll come right in the end.

Winnie picked some pink flowers for Juri.

Alain hoped that Shean wouldn't die.

Since we have no school tomorrow, I'm planning to go there.

Can you show it to me?

I need to get away from Ramadoss.

What should we do?

Mom-and-pop stores will turn a profit in the new fiscal year.

It was easy for you to find a taxi.

When do you think the Philippines will host the Olympic Games?

How did the railway accident at Tokyo Station come about?

I'm satisfied that everything was finished that way.


Raanan won't have this job much longer.

The accident bereaved her of her son.

If you're low on money, this one will be on me.


I just told Joanne what time he needs to be here.

Frederic is a messy person.

Val told me that if it didn't rain tomorrow he'd go cycling with Norm.


Let's pick Pandora up.

Tony asked Naresh to lower her voice.

The doctor did everything he could.

They were exposed to the enemy's gunfire.

The dog chewed on the bone.


The most commonly reported flu symptoms are fever, chills, sweating, astheania, headache and nausea.

Let's check with an expert.

The Loch Ness monster is an urban myth.

I want you to come to Boston with me.

I already ate.


It is foolish of you to believe such a thing.


His character was formed in his childhood.

I don't know anybody in Boston.

That's the last we saw of him.

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Can I go with you?

He had enough and to spare.

It's already 7 o'clock.

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Do you have a recommendation?


No didn't know how to accept Laurie's love and affection.

Caroline seldom eats breakfast.

There is the risk of losing users and incomes.


They were panting.

I will come, time permitting.

That's Johnathan's drawing.